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Photographer and Manipulator:  Kathy P. Bonham
A Personal Note

First, as you can see, I am enamored with bright and deep colors. I experiment with a photographic technique I call Photographic Abstract Renderings. The abstract and semi-abstract nature of my photographs involve a way of seeing the beauty around us and how this beauty is changed by the manipulation of light from the sun filtered by the atmosphere, changed by the seasons and then interpreted through my eyes. Why do this? I quote my deceased mentor Hazel Larson Archer: "The more you see, the more you see." Generally my books involve some sort of journal style or pensive type of writing. I usually, but not always, title my images. I enjoy doing this as a way of contextualizing the images for myself and the viewer. I have been involved in abstract digital photography and creative writing for most of my adult life. I love doing these books. Please enjoy!

A Note on Photographic Abstract Renderings

This technique involves heavy manipulation of each photograph. This allows me to explode the colors and to change the context of the images in order to coax out often new, surprising and even illuminating aspects hitherto unobserved. My original photographs are my canvasses upon which I "paint."

About the Photographer

Kathy Bonham was born in 1944 in Bluefield, W.Va. She has a BA degree from the University of Colorado, Boulder in political science, a JD degree from the University of Miami, Florida in law and a MS degree in space (as in outer) studies from the University of North Dakota. She practiced law for 30 years in Denver, Colorado. She now lives and is a resident of south central Virginia near Nellysford. Photography has been a lifelong passion for her as has creative writing. She currently is a member of the Valley Green Arts and Crafts Cooperative that operates the Valley Green Gallery in Nellysford, Virginia. Her work appears there.


The photographer may be contacted either through the gallery at 434 361 9316 or via her personal E-mail at kpbbkm@aol.com, or her cell phone at 303 918 1490. 

PricesSizes and Orders and How the Site Works

Each abstract digital photograph on the site is numbered.  If you see one you would like to buy then email me or call me at kpbbkm@aol.com or 303 918 1490 and include the numbers of the items that interest you.  The unmounted prints run around $20.00 8"X10" and 27.50 for unmounted 19"X13" photographs and the cork board mounted prints are $30.00 each for 8"X10" and $37.50 for 19"X13."  Postage is not included.  Posters are all unmounted and are 13"X 9" and are $40.00 each.  For multiple photographs, and posters a discount is offered. The locations of where each photograph was taken are on the last page and is titled "Locations-Photographs."

Ms. Bonham has published 8 photographic extreme journal books and one. her earliest, in conventional color as a photo travel journal.   These books may be easily accessed by clicking here on this website.

Copyright and Terms of Use

This site and all of the digital abstract photographs/images and material are protected by copyright as well as the prose.  Copyright 2013.  The material, photographs/images appearing on this site may not be used without the written permission of Kathy P. Bonham.  However, if any of the material is going to be used for no profit or no fee or is going to be used by an IRS 501 C3 organization for fundraising or advertising, with written notice to Kathy P. Bonham of how and where any of this material and photographs/images will appear and proper credit is given for every photograph/image and/or prose, then said material and/or photographs/images may be used.

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