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by Kathy Bonham on 11/07/13

Focus--Infinity  November 7, 2013
When using an automatic focus, an important trick when you have things or people in the foreground or mid ground and you want everything in focus, set the focus or if you have dots or squares etc. then focus one of those at least on the furthest object so that you have infinity on one of the focus icons.  Or have all of the focus icons set on infinity by pointing the lens at something very far away.  Everything in your photograph should be in focus.  If you focus on anything closer then you may well have something in the photograph out of focus.  Closing down your f-stop will help with focusing everything as well but this would have to be done manually and your shutter speed will have to be slowed down to compensate for the smaller aperture opening.  Experiment with this, especially if your are using a digital camera.

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