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You will not lose your original photograph if you use photoshhop. Don't be afraid!

by Kathy Bonham on 12/17/13

December 17, 2013.

You Will Not Lose Your Original Photograph When Using Photoshop.  Don't Be Afraid!

You will not Lose your original photograph. You will not lose your originals or destroy your originals by what you do on Photoshop. Usually you bring up a photo you want to work on from your pictures section on your main menu. All you have to do is right click on the photo you want to edit and up comes a menu. You want to click on "open with" and you will see some selections. Find your version of Photoshop. I would click on Photoshop Elements 12. This takes my photo directly to the Photoshop 12 editor. There I can begin to manipulate my photo. The primary key here is that when you are done and want to save your edited photo you click “saves as” and the address in Pictures for your photo comes up. Simply insert inside that address something like a letter “a” or the number “1” and then save. That way your have saved the manipulated photo next to your original back in the Pictures main menu and on the Photoshop catalog. You can't destroy your original unless when you “save as” you don't change the address in some way. However, Photoshop, I don't believe, will let you without telling you that that address already exists and do you want to override it with the changed photo.

December 17, 2013

Now that is the big key. However, when you are working on the photo in the editor at any time you may go to the edit menu and click on "revert." Your original will pop back up. Every step you make can be immediately undone by clicking on the backward or counterclockwise arrow at the bottom in Photoshop 12 and at the top in Photoshop 9 and it will undo what you have done. Then you can click on the opposite arrow to bring up the change you just undid. Photoshop saves your manipulated photos on its catalog and when you save them as JPEGs as I have indicated, the manipulated photos are also saved in the Pictures section of the main menu usually alongside the originals. If you save photos as PSP you will not be able to move them to very many other venues. The most accepted and requested, I think, is photos saved as JPEGs. Just get in the habit of doing that.

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